Traffup is the No. 1 tool for generating more traffic on your website from all around the world. I like this tool because you can really focus on what you really want to grow.

Here’s how it works:

Add Your Website

Sign up for free, add your website for free.

Assign some points to your listing after you visit a couple websites. Visitors earn these points from you when they visit your website.

Attract Visitors

Traffup users prefer to visit websites that offer more points.

Assign more points to receive more visitors and display your listing on top in search results.

Earn Points

Your website is visible as long as you’ve points in your account.

Earn free points by visiting other websites, following Twitter users, retweeting or referring your friends to Traffup.

Advertising on Traffup

Drive awareness, increase traffic and sales using Traffup ads.

With a highly engaged user base from all corners of the world, Traffup is the No. 1 Social Exchange Network on the web. Their low cost impressions based model with real-time performance tracking makes it one of the best places for your online advertising campaign.

Get started for as low as $1 per day.

This is the best option for impressions based advertising.

No. 1 Social Exchange Network

3M+ Monthly Impressions

Highly Engaged User Base

Fixed Monthly Cost

Real-time Performance Tracking

Guaranteed Impressions

Affiliate Program

Tell people about Traffup and earn unlimited free points when they join Traffup or make a purchase.

Here’s What You Get

100 Points
when your referral joins Traffup
50 points for level 2 referral
20 points for level 3 referral

3% of Points
when your referral buys a points pack
2% of points for level 2 referral
1% of points for level 3 referral

500 Points
when your referral pays for an ad space
200 points for level 2 referral
100 points for level 3 referral

Referral Bonus Up to 3 Levels
Your earnings do not stop at your direct referrals. You also earn free points from your Level 2 and Level 3

These are more free points to help you promote your social profiles. You offer points to other users as incentive for them to view your websites, follow your profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), like your posts, subscribe to your YouTube channel etc. As long as you have points in your account your listings are visible to other users in the directory. You can also earn points for your account by viewing websites, following profiles, liking posts or promoting Traffup using your affiliate URL. Grow your online presence and take a look here.